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Modell:  LXW19-11E1


Modell Nr .: LXW19-11E1 Anzahl der Schalter: Single Control Switch Größe: Small-Breaked Kapazität: Micro-Current Anwendung: Kraftwerk Typ: Hebel Nennstrom: 5A Umgebungsbedingungen Betriebstemperatur: 025 Celsius - + 85 ° C Spezifikation: SGS HS Code: 85044013 Press Typ: Hebel Roller Schutz: Wasserdicht Umgebung: <250 ℃ Bruchform: Single Type Zertifizierung: SGS Kontaktformular: Changerover Nennspannung: AC 250V Handelsmarke: Onegreen Herkunft: China \ n Blue Lxw19 Series Micro Switch \ n
1 Quick&Reliable action, high precision, long life.
2 Different contact material like gold alloy,silver alloy or silver for different electrical load application.
3 Variety of quick connect terminals, for customer flexibly selection.
4 Variety of auxiliary actuation type, also can be made according to customer's need to meet different occasions.
5 Applicable to thecontrol circuit AC 250V,used as parts for master electrical appliances or alternative appliances.
6 This product is widely used for travel control,limit protection and interlocking in machinery facilities,such as steel,elevator,machine,textile,light industry,electrical,electronic device,home appliance,machine tool,power electronic and automation application.
\ nKodeanweisung: \ n \ nLX: Kategoriecode (LX: Master-Endschalter \ nW: Kennbuchstabe (W: Mikroschalter) \ n19: Design No \ n11: Grundspezifikationscode, mit einer Gruppe von Umschaltkontakten \ nE1: Aktor Typ: (KEIN Symbol: Kolben; ein oder zwei phonetische Alphalette: spezielle Spezifikation kann angepasst werden) \ n \ nTechnische Spezifikation \ n \ n
Utilization Category AC-12
Ui Utilization Category AC 380V
Ue rated working voltage 5A
Ue rated working voltage AC 250V
Ie rated working current 5A 
Contact resistance ≤30
Power frequency withstand voltage betweencurrent-carrying components and surface easy to touch AC1890V±3% 45-65HZ  5S
betweencurrent-carrying matel parts and the ground AC1890V±3% 45-65HZ  5S
Mechanical life 300,000 times operations
Electrical life 100,000 times operations
\ nZulässige Standards \ n \ n
Type  CCC UL
LXW19- Ith:5A 
AC-12 250V 5A
3A 252V AC 
5A 125V AC
\ n \ n Blue Lxw19 Series Micro Switch \ n \ n Blue Lxw19 Series Micro Switch \ n \ n

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