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Blue Lxw 32-01mc Mikroschalter


Modell:  LXW32-01MC-559


Modell Nr .: LXW32-01MC-559 Anzahl der Schalter: Single Control Switch Größe: Kleine Breaking Capacity: DC Anwendung: Hv Cabinet von (N): 1,65-1,75 PT (mm): 4,05-4,15 Durchschnittliche Betriebstemperatur: - 25-85 Grad Celsius Spezifikation: SGS HS Code: 8536900000 Pressentyp: Hebel Rollenschutz: Explosionsgeschützt Umgebung: <250 ℃ Bruchform: Single Type Zertifizierung: SGS, ISO9001 RF (N): Größer als oder gleich 0,5 Tt ( mm): 7.08-7.12 Marke: Onegreen Ursprung: Shaanxi, Xi'an LXW 32-01MC Mikroschalter \ n \ n Blue Lxw 32-01mc Micro Switch \ n \ nFunktionen & Anwendung \ n \ n
Quick & Reliable action,high precision,long life,nice appearance,which can replace the similar imported products.
Contact materials: silver alloy.
Applied to the control circuit or auxiliary circuit with the rated working voltage:AC 380V,DC250V, more technical characteristics will be shown as in the table below.
This product is widely used in the circuit of machinery, electrical etc, for controlling the electromagnet or the inductive load.
\ nCode-Anweisung \ n \ nLX: Kategoriecode (LX: Master-Endschalter) \ nW: Eigenschaftscode (W: Mikroschalter) \ n32: Design No \ n01: Mit einer Gruppe normalerweise geschlossener Kontakte \ nM: Magnetisches Quenching \ nC: Langer Roller \ n \ n Blue Lxw 32-01mc Micro Switch \ nTechnische Eigenschaften \ n \ n
Utilization Category AC-12 DC-12
Rated insulation voltage AC 400V 
Ith conventional thermal current 10A 
Ue rated working voltage AC 250-380V DC 220-250V DC 125V 
Ie rated working current 10A 2A(t=20ms) 6A
Contact resistance ≤30
Power frequency withstand voltage Between current-carrying components and surface easy to touch AC1890V±3% 45---65Hz 5s
Mechanical life Between current-carrying metal parts and the ground AC1890V±3% 45---65Hz 5s
Electrical life 300,000 times operations
Ambient operating temperature 10,000 times operations
\ n \ nZulässige Standards \ n \ n

LXW32-01MC AC-12 250-380V 10A
DC-12 220-250V 2A  125V 6A
\ n Blue Lxw 32-01mc Micro Switch \ n \ n \ n \ n

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